PTC Professional Table & Cloth Cleaner With Microfible Cloth – 483ml Bottle


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PTC Professional Table & Cloth Cleaner With Microfibre Cloth – 483ml bottle

Spray this PTC cloth cleaner on your pool or snooker table cloths and surfaces and bring your table back to life. The active ingredients in this PTC cleaner will bring the colour and sheen back to your cloth and table finish.

We advise brushing the table first to remove any loose debris dust particles, chalk, fluff etc
Then spray fine mist 2-3ft (1m) above the table cloth
Let it settle on cloth surface then take your microfibre cloth or any clean non shedding cloth
Wipe cloth surface from one end of table to the other up and down and then across ensuring you fold cloth over the a clean section for each stroke. If using on napped cloth, ensure the cloth is only ever wiped in the direction on the nap. ie head to foot of the table.

Brushing, cleaning and ironing cloths regularly will increase the longevity of your cloth reducing costs of re-clothing services and reduce the scratching or damage to balls. A more attractive looking table will attract greater custom and increase the income in your cash box well worth this small investment.

• NEW clear spring water used as carrier substance
• large pump action spray (non aerosol) delivers a fine mist for even distribution
• use of this product helps cloth maintain colour
• removes tough dirt
• leaves tables clean and germ free
• contains no bleach or phosphates to ensure snooker and pool cloth retains its original colour for longer

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PTC Professional Table & Cloth Cleaner With Microfible Cloth - 483ml Bottle


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