Blackball Tables Racker Triangle – English Pool


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The Pro Racker – English Pool Edition.

This is a triangle which has been developed after over 1 year’s worth of feedback from professional pool players and some of the best referees in the business.

Rollers located at the front and back of the triangle not only protect the nap of the cloth, they also assist in keeping the triangle aligned to the bottom cushion when the pack has been pushed forward and removed.

The head of the triangle has a slot straight through to the table so you can place a mark indicating when to stop pushing the triangle forward. Normal procedure would be to use the black spot, over time players drop the triangle back into the pack which causes a divet on the black spot. Using a mark for the triangle instead would prevent this from happening which would protect the table. Another advantage would be that the visible mark would make it easier to notice if an opponent likes to rack high or rack low of the black spot.

Angled sections of the triangle don’t just add style to the product, but they should be used for pushing the triangle forward away from the cushion. You should only place your hands on the balls when you are ready to make the pack tight as they do in snooker, this reduces the chances of creating drag marks on the table caused by the balls being pushed forward.

Also available for snooker.

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Blackball Tables Racker Triangle - English Pool


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