Blackball Tables Racker Triangle Sprung Back- English Pool


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The Sprung Back Racker – English Pool Edition.

The Racker Triangles are the professional’s choice.

With the endorsement of Blackball Tables, the IPA and EBA, viewed on the BBC Sport’s page and the Freesports channel, these are quickly becoming one of the biggest products in exposure and popularity.

The construction of the triangle consists of an aluminium frame which is light weight but durable. Plastic corner pieces which allows for some complex shapes and magnetic bottom bar which is repelled back into its resting position. All these combined means you achieve a very tight rack with plenty of room to remove the triangle after. This has been designed to offer many features and advantages and we accomplish this by using the latest manufacturing technology.

Also available for snooker.

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Blackball Tables Racker Triangle Sprung Back- English Pool


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