Regal 4th Generation American Pool 16 Ball Cleaning Machine Warranty


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Regal American Pool ball cleaning machine – 16 ball, 12 Month Warranty*

Regal American Pool ball cleaning machine – The ‘REGAL’ 4th Generation, 3 Minute Ball Cleaning Machine.

The 4th generation Regal ball cleaning machine is a well-made, superior quality machine, that is super quick and easy to use. It takes up to 16 American pool balls. Cleaning cycle is approximately 3 mins – spinning ultra fast for 1 min each way.

Using 100% wool rings and a wool base, the cleaning is super-efficient at removing grease and dirt from the balls, bringing them up to a highly polished finish and looking like new. Use with a sanitiser to help kill germs and viruses.

With balls cleaned in 3 mins, tables can be back in action with new players quickly, safely, and easily. We recommend the Regal or Dr Billiard ball cleaning spray. Do NOT use Aramith Ball Cleaner, it is not suitable.
• Superior build quality with low operational noise and vibration
• Automatic, ultra fast, 3 min cleaning cycle
• Machine is simple to use and low maintenance
• Economical – uses little cleaning fluid per clean
• Replaceable wool cleaning parts – easy to change
• Double sided wool cleaning base – use reverse side
• 4 x height adjustable, rubber feet
• Automatic safety cut off switch, if ball holder removed
• Spare switch, fuses, steel brush and spanner included
We also supply a 22 ball cleaning machine for Snooker and English pool and a dual machine for all ball.
We supply the ball cleaning liquid, spare woollen rings, and the woollen base disc. The machine is low maintenance and easy to clean.
*Does not cover normal wear and tear. Full details are supplied with the unit.

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Regal 4th Generation American Pool 16 Ball Cleaning Machine Warranty


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