The Shark Rack For 2″ English Pool Balls


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The Shark Rack For 2″ English Pool Balls

The Shark Rack, developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom made its first big competition appearance in 2018.

This Shark Supreme Rack is the same used in the Blackball and Players events series as seen on TV in the UK. This sheet keeps the rack very tight and reduces the bad racks when the balls aren’t touching each other – the same concept as Magic Racks in USA Pool.

The rack helps create a better break overall than a loose triangle as all the balls are touching. In USA Pool this is a proven design and has been used for many years as it helps lock in all the object balls, so they are touching each other. This creates a more explosive break and proven patterns and directions you can created with a lot of practice.

This rack is for use with 2” pool balls as used in English Pool and Blackball.


Gives a consistent tight pool ball rack every time, even on old cloth.
Racks in 10 seconds or less.
Eliminates the need to tap the table to set a rack, which can cause cloth and slate damage.
Worn and used balls can be used with a min tolerance level
Material is waterproof, can blend into any table cloth colour and can be rolled up to carry around.

Shark Rack’s top tips for faster rack setup and removal

Have a different colour ball in each hand.

Place the balls onto the rack two at a time.

Work your way down in rows from top to bottom, working from left right.

Once all 15 balls are placed on the rack, a gentle nudge on the outer balls will eliminate any tiny gaps.

When removing the Shark Rack sheet do not pick at the corners, if you’re finding difficult to pick up you can slide it to a corner pocket, so it overhangs the edge ready to pick up.

Balls that come to rest on the rack can either lifted manually 1mm while rack is slid away from underneath or spotted with your chalk, these methods are recommended for informal matches.

Balls that come to rest on the rack during both formal matches and Professional competition with referees present, will be able to have the ball(s) spotted with appropriate markers and removed. Alternatively “with agreement of both the match players” allow the refereeing official to use the manual 1mm lift method for quicker & easier removal if so desired.


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The Shark Rack For 2" English Pool Balls


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