Fibreglass 3/4 Cue Case – Camo Design


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Fibreglass3/4 Cue Case – Camo Design

The ¾ case can hold one standard ¾ 59” cue with extensions. The internals are made from high-density foam, and the cases are sealed to eliminate moisture ingress.

Benefits of choosing fibreglass cases

  • Strength
    Our cases will protect your cue whether you are walking to your local club in bad weather, travelling around the county or the world. Our cases will give you peace of mind that your cue is safe and secure.
  • Style
    Designed to your choice of colours, each case is handmade. No 2 cases will be the same.
  • Durability
    Our cases are designed to last the test of time.

These Fibreglass Cue Cases are the perfect solution for protecting your cue when travelling to your local snooker or pool hall. These highly durable cases come in a range of different colours and designs that will be sure to stand out. The interior of the cue case is designed to keep your cue snug and in place, meaning any time the case is dropped, it won’t move an inch!

If you would like to design your own Fibreglass case to your colours and design, email or call us on 0131 370 9888.


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Weight 15.1 kg

Wide With 2 Channels




Fibreglass 3/4 Cue Case - Camo Design


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