5 reasons your office needs a pool table

1. Energise your workforce

It’s well documented that higher motivated employees are more productive employees, and office life can be draining for many individuals. At Blackball Tables we are proposing a silver bullet for this age-old conundrum – get a pool table! Social games such as pool have been shown in many studies (such as this one) to have several mental, physical and emotional benefits including… increased motivation.

The rush we get from playing a competitive game such as pool can inject some life into us and make us feel ready for whatever challenges we may face in our day-to-day work lives. If you want to ensure your employees get the most enjoyment and engagement out of your games space, make sure you supply them with the best equipment. A custom-made Blackball Tables pool table with company branding could be the perfect way to boost your firm’s production.

2. Make your office more attractive to potential employees

Finding the best people can be a hard task for employers in the modern world. Experience and skills are highly sought after, the job market is extremely competitive and offering the most money isn’t always the most feasible way forward.

Having an impressive office games room filled with the best equipment can be a great way to communicate your company culture and show you prioritise employee wellbeing. Fill your game rooms with the finest quality pool cues, pool balls and pool tables from Blackball Tables to ensure your games room gives off a great first impression.

3. It’s great for teambuilding!

Team building activities in the workplace have been around for over 100 years and have become an essential component to ensuring employees learn to communicate and work together effectively. However, we believe the best teambuilding activities occur naturally without having to be organised and planned by whoever is in charge.

Installing a pool table in your office or workplace can help your employees build relationships with each other and break the ice between employees who haven’t previously engaged.

We know from several studies that playing team games, sports and even video games can help build trust, improve communication, and facilitate bonding between participants.

4. Help breed innovation and creativity

Working in a fast-paced environment can be stressful and often we find ourselves in ‘survival mode’ where we are just fighting to keep our necks above water. Taking a break to engage in something enjoyable can help our brains relax and think outside the box. We can chat with our colleagues in a positive environment and find new ways to tackle problems.

Pool is an extremely strategic game that can get the problem-solving cognitive part of your brain firing on all cylinders allowing for a free-flowing environment that breeds creative solutions. Don’t believe us? Read about the numerous benefits of playing pool here

5.  Stress relief

Last but certainly not least is stress relief. According to Statista 4 out of 5 employees in the UK experience workplace stress and it is one of the biggest inhibitors of creativity and productivity in your work environment.

It is now estimated that the workplace stress epidemic is costing companies in the US over $300 billion annually in health care and missed workdays (Insider, 2016). Now, we are not saying pool tables and games rooms are the ‘be-all and end-all’ of solving workplace stress, but we do believe they can make a difference. Employers showing goodwill towards their employees and giving them a positive environment to bond and grow can really make a difference in negative stressful environments.